Wonder Woman (2017)

Apparently, the inhabitants of Paradise Island have no body hair. But then again, I guess it’s not the movie studio’s job to change every dang thing that’s been imposed on women since the dawn of time.


First, I must address the trailer for the new Transformers movie they showed before this movie. How did they get Anthony Hopkins to be in a Transformers movie? It just seems so unlikely somehow. Did they hold one of his family members hostage or something?

Okay, so everyone already knows that this is an entertaining movie. I think it’s currently sitting at 90 million percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (if you’re wondering why it’s more than 100%, it’s because I rounded up). And finally, somebody at Warner Brothers realized that these DC movies need some humor in them.

Anyway, here are the good choices they made:

  • No invisible airplane– It seems like a wise move in this installment.
  • Showing her journey from being very naive to having knowledge she might have been happier without– So, in other words, it’s just like your own journey through life, but over a shorter period of time. Of course, I am a very pessimistic person and part of me thinks that she was still deluded about the “power of love” right to the end and beyond. But I’m also a person who gets depressed, and I almost cried at one point because there is no actual Wonder Woman to save any of us from ourselves. I swear, the most random things in any movie will make me cry.
  • Casting Gal Gadot: she’s great as Wonder Woman and she was born to do that superhero pose. Possibly, the movie studio created her in some genetics lab specifically for this movie.
  • Girl Power: I saw a little girl posing for a picture after the movie. She was raising her arms up in triumph. She was probably three or four years old. I stopped being depressed then, at least for a little while. Good for you little girl.




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