Suicide Squad (2016)



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Alright, it’s time for my review of “Suicide Squad.”

We all know that the critics have panned this thing. To paraphrase a character from the movie, they want to put it in a hole, and throw away the hole. I would summarize the complaints as: This movie makes no sense, the continuity is off, and it’s depressing. There is also my favorite description, from the Wall Street Journal, which states that the movie “is trash.”

To all that I say, “So what?” For crap’s sake, it’s a superhero movie. It doesn’t need to make a lot of sense. It just needs to make a little sense, and it does. Continuity- who cares? It’s just a bunch of crazy people running around fighting, and those people happen to be fun to watch. I could probably watch that cast paint a house and watch it dry and I could still have at least a little bit of fun. Depressing? Yeah, it’s gloomy, just like every other DC superhero movie since Tim Burton’s “Batman.” I’m pretty sure we’ve all thought this: “Suicide Squad” is “The Dirty Dozen” with more makeup and fewer Nazis. “The Dirty Dozen” is not a happy-go-lucky time at the movies either, but it’s an entertaining movie. What’s not to like?  And not one character in this film was as creepy or depressing as the Telly Savalas character in that film.

The 20-something-year old guys in front of me liked it too. They perked right up the minute Margot Robbie appeared on the screen.

I say, you paid to be entertained, so let yourself be entertained and enjoy this movie for what it is.  It’s fun and it has Will Smith being all charming, what else do you want?*

*A dangerous question to ask a critic. They can be quite snide.

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